Facilities Calendar

Important Reporting Dates

January Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


Periodic Surveillance*

Visual Inspection of asbestos containing building materials - 


July Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority


Toxic Substances Control Act

A written annual document log of the disposition of PCBs and PCB items must be prepared for each facility by July 1, covering the previous calendar year (January through December). The written annual report, which summarizes the records and annual document log shall be submitted to the EPA Regional Administrator by July 15th of each year. 

15 USCS § 2607;

40 CFR 761.180


Pesticide Control Act This may not apply*

Ongoing requirement (no annual reporting requirement): 1) individual applying pesticide must be certified, 2) notify Office of Pesticide Services as to who is the designated commercial applicator and 3) Maintain records of pesticide sales and use as required by the regulations.




September Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority

Every Fall

Capital Outlay Progress Reports

Submitted to the Department of General Services/Bureau of Capital Outlay Management semi-annually.  This allows BCOM to see a condensed update of all capital projects.  For each project, the appropriation amount, amount obligated to date, the design and construction completed percentages, the estimated date of project completion, and construction contract amount are noted.

C.R.S. 23-1-106

Every Fall

Maintenance Reserve Plan New Projects Submission

Maintenance Reserve Plan New Projects Submission 

Office of the

State Architect

December Title Description Statute(s)/Other Authority

Annual Report

Assessment of Institutional Performance

Provide Design and Construction(?) a listing of completed capital projects (those receiving a final certificate of occupancy)  greater than $1M to include authority (appropriation or governing board), original budget and completion cost for the project.

Office of the

State Architect