View the selected courses descriptions of some of the English Department's Fall 2020 courses 


Department of English

Course Descriptions of some of the English Department's Fall 2020 Courses


ENGL 2010:001-2: Introduction to Literary Studies
ENGL 2520: 17th- and 18th-Century British Literature
ENGL 2610: Global Lit II
ENGL 2920: Exploring English Studies: Sustainability
ENGL 2970: Shakespearen Beginnings
ENGL 3010: Advanced Rhetoric and Writing (Online)
ENGL 3060: Special Topics in Creative Writing: Documentary Poetics
ENGL 3610: Hip Hop Poetics
ENGL 4310: Harlem Renaissance
ENGL 4830: Survey in Contemporary Approaches to Teaching Writing
ENGL 4400: Beyond Bollywood