ENGL 1310 Overview


First-Year Rhetoric & Writing Program

Focus of ENGL 1310

ENGL1310 students learn a rhetorical approach to reading and writing. They analyze texts written for diverse purposes and audiences. ENGL1310 students concentrate on elements of effective writing in academic and professional settings: understanding a writer’s stance, developing a sound argumentative purpose, discovering and using effective support strategies, making appropriate organizational and stylistic choices, and understanding the expectations of a wide range of audiences. The course focuses on applying rhetorical lenses to several kinds of texts in order to examine how each one makes an argument. The use of rhetorical theory enables close reading and rigorous analysis of texts; students employ rhetorical concepts to define and evaluate how a text works in a particular situation and what impact it has on its audience. The course also focuses on writing process theory to help writers grow and become self-aware. These foci serve two complementary purposes—to prepare writers for academic reading and writing assignments at the university level and to introduce students to rhetoric and writing as a field.

Signature features of the UCCS ENGL 1310 experience include writing instruction in a computer-mediated classroom, low course caps of 19 students, extensive small group and whole class discussion, and one-on-one writing conferences for all ENGL 1310 students.


Signature Elements

Contact the Director of the First-Year Rhetoric and Writing Program, Dr. Ann Amicucci, with any questions about ENGL 1310.