ENGL 1410 Overview


First-Year Rhetoric & Writing Program

ENGL 1410 Overview

Focus of ENGL 1410


ENGL 1410 students learn a rhetorical approach to inquiry and argument. They practice analyzing sources in order to understand complex issues and construct their own in-depth arguments about those issues. ENGL 1410 students concentrate on understanding substantive issues, selecting and evaluating source material, and crafting well-reasoned arguments. Writers engage in extended inquiry, enabling them to examine their chosen issue in its full complexity. The course focuses on applying classical stasis theory for both analyzing and creating arguments. Each 1410 course is focused on an instructor-selected theme; students research a narrow topic related to the course theme.

Signature features of the UCCS ENGL 1410 experience include innovative course themes , writing instruction in a computer-mediated classroom, low course caps of 19 students, hands-on library instruction, extensive small group and whole class discussion, and one-on-one writing conferences for all ENGL 1410 students.


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Signature Elements

Contact the Director of the First-Year Rhetoric and Writing Program, Dr. Ann Amicucci, with any questions about ENGL 1410.