Current Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students

Samantha Rose Bailey. Advisor: Dr. Gibbes / David Havlick. Topic:

Garrett Boord. Advisor: Dr. David Havlick. Topic:  

Joseph Buchheit. Advisor: Dr. David Havlick. Topic: The Feasibility of Using GIS and Remote Sensing in Predicting Nesting Locations of the Western Osprey 

Thomas Burkhart. Advisor: Dr. Brandon Vogt. Topic: An Interdisciplinary Approach for Re-Introducing Colorado Greenback Cutthroat Trout to a Post-Wildfire Damaged Stream

Mary Beth Coker. Advisor: Dr. Emily Skop. Topic: Inequality of Neighborhood Parks in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA


Kasia Grudzinski. Advisor: Dr. Curt Holder. Topic: Ecohydrology, Water Sustainability, Groundwater Vulnerability, Human-Environment Interactions

J.C. Hoyt. Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Theobald. Topic: 

Heather Kershner. Advisor: Dr. Curt Holder. Topic: Conservation Ecology of Coastal Ecosystems

Lillian Niswonger. Advisor: Dr. John Harner. Topic: 

Natalie Rodriguez. Advisor: Dr. David Havlick. Topic: Aftermath of Conservation: Community Needs Assessment of Batwa Pygmies in East Africa

Devin Roush. Advisor: Dr. Brandon Vogt. Topic: Regional and Yearly hail frequency in Southern Colorado

Austin Routt: Advisor: Dr Brandon Vogt / Dr. Curt Holder. Topic: A Northern Colorado Front Range Glacier's Mass Balance

Erylin Serra-Ward. Advisor: Dr. Cerian Gibbes. Topic:

Katharina Zito. Advisor: Dr. Christine Biermann. Topic: Avalanche Paths / Trees