Laboratory Facilities

Electromagnetics Laboratory (EML)

The EML at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs supports undergraduate and graduate laboratory courses and research activities. Undergraduate and graduate laboratory courses have been developed in the areas of microwave, millimeter-wave, and infrared (IR) diagnostic techniques to support the existing courses in electromagnetic theory. Significant research activity is being devoted to RF/Microwave systems, high power microwave and millimeter-wave vacuum electronics, microwave and millimeter-wave solid state technology, microwave integrated circuits, antenna and phased array, and terahertz electronics. The EML features an anechoic chamber and a microwave measurement facility. It possesses high power ac service and a chilled water recirculation system, thereby permitting high average power experiments.


The 27’x22’x12’ broadband, shielded anechoic chamber is capable of antenna testing and pre-compliance EMC/EMI measurements. An anechoic chamber is a shielded room designed to attenuate sound or electromagnetic energy. It is filled with special cone shaped absorber that is designed to absorb echoes caused by internal reflections of a room and to provide a shielded environment for radio frequency (RF) and microwaves. The performance for emission testing, Normalized Site Attenuation (NSA) is approximately ±10 – 15 dB between the 30 – 200 MHz and ±4 dB from 200 MHz and above. Measurement is fully automated using NI’s Labview program.

Terahertz Measurement Facility

The facility provides a terahertz vector network analyzer (VNA) used to measure the scattering parameters of linear electrical networks. The PNA-N5224A is capable of generating 2-port or 4-port models and runs between 10 MHz and 43.5 GHz. Extension modules with waveguide interfaces are used to push the frequency beyond 110 GHz into the terahertz range up to 750 GHz. Those extenders provide a high performance capability with superb dynamic range and high test port power. A pair of transmission/reflection (T/R) test head modules and its associated waveguide calibration kit is provided for each system configuration, powered by a pair of 12V power supply. The terahertz VNA is located inside a racket cabinet whose front door is Plexiglas with wireless keyboard and mouse, extractor fan, and drawer storages. The module system is mounted on an optical table and supported by a rail system that assists the user to carry out the experiment more easily with stability and alignment features. The following table summarizes the three available terahertz vector network analyzer extenders and their specifications:

Waveguide Band [GHz] WR6.5
Dynamic Range (BW=10Hz, dB, typ) 120 115 100
Dynamic Range (BW=10Hz. dB, min) 100 100 80
Magnitude Stability (±dB) 0.25 0.3 0.8
Phase Stability (±deg) 4 6 10
Test Port Power (dBm, standard/high power) 0 -6 -25
Test Port Input Limit (dBm, saturation/damage) 9/20 -3/13 -19/13
Directivity (dB) 30 30 30
Typ. Dimensions (LxWxH, in.) 11x5x3 11x5x3 11x5x3

Terahertz Measurement Facility

UCCS 110-750 GHz Terahertz Vector Network Analyzer System

3 Pair of WR 6.5 (110-170 GHz) WR 4.3 (170- 260 GHz) & WR 1.5 (500-750 GHz) VNA Extender Module from VDI


Microwave Measurement Facility

The microwave measurement facility possesses a number of state-of-the-art systems including network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, sweep oscillators, amplifiers, power meters, and various microwave/millimeter-wave components. Characterization of microwave/millimeter-wave devices is carried out in this facility.

Anechoic chamber

Simulated (red) and measured (blue) antenna pattern in the anechoic chamber


Microwave Measurement Facility


The facilities of EML including the anechoic chamber are available for lease at reasonable rates to outside users. For further information about EML including contract rates and laboratory scheduling, please contact lab manager Bogdan Crivin at (719) 255-3724 or