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Although a student may complete MathOnline courses while never setting foot on the University of Colorado Colorado Springs campus, it is our intention that these courses are virtually identical in almost every way to the corresponding traditional, ‘in-class’ sections. For instance, we lecture at specific times during the week and these lectures (in video format) are made available immediately for later playback. We encourage interaction between instructor and student through the semester. We expect students to complete and submit homework on a regular basis. Students take examinations on predetermined dates. These courses should NOT be viewed as a static series of web-pages to which students can come and go at their leisure. Rather, these are vibrant, fluid, and interactive! MathOnline course are as rigorous as the traditional courses offered on the UCCS campus, in fact credits are transferable to most colleges and universities. Through extensive surveying done in the past several semesters, we have found that the MathOnline method of presentation is of great benefit to not only those students who take the courses at a distance (students who could not otherwise have participated in such courses), but also to the in-class, 'traditional' students as well.

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