Private Events

Cooking Events

Private Events

Private cooking classes and food demonstrations are ideal for staff or club retreats, Residence Hall programs and Greek Life programs. Our Registered Dietitians will provide a fun and informative program for your group. For full classes, you can select meals from our “Recipes” page, or we can work with you on menu options. For demonstrations, we have several snack options and will provide recipes and education. We take care of the grocery shopping, and engage your group on a cooking experience including preparation and, of course, eating!

For UCCS affiliated groups only.

  For a Cooking Class For a Cooking Demonstration
Cost: Cost of Ingredients- roughly $80-100 for a group of 10 individuals. $1 per person
Capacity: 9 people Flexible

To Schedule an Event:

Contact Katie Gordon at to schedule cooking classes or demonstrations for your group.