Christy Thrash, PsyD


Christy Thrash, PsyD

Staff Psychologist


BA in East Asian Studies, University of California – Santa Cruz
MSW from University of Pennsylvania
PsyD from the University of the Rockies (a.k.a. Colorado School of Professional Psychology)

Job responsibilities

Supervise graduate students, manage psychological testing services, provide individual psychotherapy to clients, run the Stand Alone support group

I can help you with

Treatment for mood disorders, anxiety, anger, general stress; getting tested for ADHD, memory impairment, dyslexia, and many other disorders; help you join a free support group for financially independent students

What excites me about working at the Recreation and Wellness

The supportive working environment and the emphasis on all domains of wellness for our clients


Travel, skiing, SCUBA, hiking, interesting podcasts, great books