Teaching Circles

What is a Teaching Circle?

At UCCS, Teaching Circles are groups of 4-8 faculty who meet at least 4 times across the semester to discuss readings and activities related to their teaching. Materials and stipends are provided to Circle participants.

“Neither a committee nor a social group...They are safe places for learning, exploration, change, and accomplishment at various levels. Effective Teaching Circle meetings are marked by creative discourses on problems of and solutions for difficulties in teaching.”

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Center for Excellence in Teaching

Would you like to join a Teaching Circle?

Teaching Circle calls for applications are sent early each Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Schedules are then negotiated via scheduling polls.

The following Circles are planned for the upcoming Academic Year

Fall 2018

Small Teaching Circle

This Teaching Circle will include a discussion of the book Small Teaching by James Lang, including ways to implement evidence-based suggestions into classroom activities.

Writing across the Curriculum: A Deeper Dive

This Circle is open to faculty who have completed the Writing across the Curriculum Pre-Semester seminar and are looking to refresh and deepen the way they use writing as a way to promote learning in their courses.

Spring 2019

Reading about Reading

What role does reading play in our courses? What assumptions do we make when we assign reading to our students? This Circle will read relevant scholarship about college students reading and discuss ways to engage students in course readings.

Would you like to start a Teaching Circle?

Any faculty member who has participated in a Teaching Circle is invited to start one on any topic. Facilitator stipends and funds for materials and participant stipends are available. Contact Michelle Neely for information about the parameters for starting your own Circle.